Learn to sing ‘Amhrán na bhFiann’ in Irish… it couldn’t be simpler

Hello and welcome…

Are you frustrated because you want to be able to sing our National Anthem in our native tongue but can’t find anyone to teach you? Well look no more. It’s not important why you don’t already know it.  All that matters is that every single person who would like to be able to learn it can do it now. Please Tweet, Share  and post this website’s details … and let’s get Irish people all over the world (whether Irish-born or born abroad) to sing along. C’MON YOU BOYS IN GREEN!.

You are just two steps and a few minutes away from being able to sing  “Amhrán na bhFiann” as Gaelige (in Irish).

Not only that but you can do it quickly and easily. Just follow these few simple steps as Liam O’Sullivan guides you gently along… and very soon you will be singing along like a Green Army veteran. By the way, Liam teaches  this with a smile on his face. We hope you will have a smile on yours too.

STEP ONE (3 minutes): Singalongaliam… Line by line…

Couldn’t be simpler. Liam sings a line… you sing it straight back. It’s not rocket science and is the simplest, most effective way to pick up the words quickly and easily. You might feel strange singing back to your computer, but at least you have someone to sing to. Liam had to sing at a camera and have you ‘answer’ in his head!

STEP TWO (4 minutes): Singalongaliam… the whole Chorus…

Singalong with Liam as he sings the whole thing together. You can practice this as often as you need to.

That’s it. Job done. If you would like to perfect your pronunciation… or indeed know more about the process… follow steps 3 & 4

STEP THREE (3 minutes): How it works… 

In this video Liam explains the simple technique we will be using to make teaching yourself to sing Amrhan Na BhFiann easy and fun to do. In fact, it’s child’s play. You only need to watch this one  once.

STEP FOUR (4 minutes): : Phonetics, Spoken, line by line… 

First you have to get your phonetics (your sounds) right. These will be unique to you.

There are two ways to do this

The easy way… listen carefully to the next video and write down whatever you need, for you to be able to read your words back and make the right sound. Just forget about normal spelling and go with the flow.

The even easier way… just select the accent/dialect nearest your own on the PHONETICS page, print it out and read/sing along. (feel free to tweak the words to suit).

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  1. Hello Liam:

    My son Ambrose and I have been practicing for several weeks. We plan to sing the Irish National Anthem at the beginning of a local Irish dance competition. Thank you for your very helpful videos. We feel like we know you!

    Our cousins live in Loughrea (County Galway) and we visited last summer. Next time we come over, we may look you up! Thanks again for all your help!


    Mark O’Neill

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

    P.S. Where can we order one of your “rocks of Ireland”?

  2. Hi Mark,

    glad to be of service. Enjoy your singing and spread the word!

    http://www.rocksofireland.com is the website. You can e-mail me @ liam@chilo.org

    best regards,

    PS. it certainly seems to be being watched in lots of countries. here’s the latest summaries…

    Ireland 388
    United Kingdom 356
    United States 164
    France 32
    Canada 21
    Australia 20
    Norway 10
    Germany 8
    Netherlands 8
    Isle of Man 4
    Russian Federation 3
    Belgium 3
    United Arab Emirates 2
    Iceland 2
    Israel 2
    Lithuania 1
    Japan 1
    Spain 1
    Austria 1
    Romania 1
    Singapore 1
    Indonesia 1
    Italy 1
    Poland 1

  3. The videos are great I am now a proud Irish man who knows his countrys national anthem

  4. We learnd this song in school

  5. Maureen Harrington

    Thanks so much Liam . The US accent really helped! My husband & I belong to an Irish Club and there are meetings monthly. i always felt they should sing the Irish National Anthem as well as salute our flag. May I use your pronunciation to suggest it the the Club ? Thanks
    Maureen H

  6. Maureen Harrington

    Great Liam , thanks. Yes , one throws a Boston accent into anything and a little tweaking is necessary😉
    Happy St Patricks Day
    Maureen H

  7. Thanks for these videos Liam – I’m off to see the rugby this weekend and I can at last sing along with the crowd!

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